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Changes in the works …

04 May 2016

Well, we’ve thought about it, and have decided on a new direction for Humboldt Kitchen! Let’s face it — there are thousands and thousands of recipe and cooking web sites out there. Nothing about our site stands out.

So it’s time for a change to something more interesting. Stay tuned as we announce the changes we’re planning, and trust us, it’ll be worth it.



In case you can’t tell …

11 June 2015

… we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus while we rethink the purpose of our site.


Welcome to Humboldt Kitchen

04 January 2011

Lest I repeat myself, welcome to Humboldt Kitchen, and thanks for reading this far!

It would be presumptuous to ask you to register or subscribe to the RSS feed without my taking a little time to explain exactly what it is you’d be reading. Simpler, though, and more to the point, is to say what Humboldt Kitchen is not.

  1. It’s not about sports. Usually. Food is sometimes like sport, so there will be infrequent exceptions to this rule. There will be definite exceptions if some sports person likes our food and will state that publicly. Nudge nudge, wink wink.
  2. It’s not about everything in between, despite what the above tag line reads. That’s really just a way to say “We’re going to let things happen at this stage, freeing us to let the site evolve and improve without feeling constricted by too rigid a scope.” I went to school a long time to learn how to write bullshit statements like that, just ask Sallie Mae. For the sake of of international readers, and there better well damn be some, Sallie Mae is the quasi-governmental organization that handles student loans … AKA the money we borrow from the Federal government to give, most often, to the State government’s university. Maybe it’d be cheaper for everyone if we got rid of that kind of stupidity and just … oh, well, that brings up …
  3. No politics. OK, well, except for food politics … that could be fun.
  4. It’s not about $400 pans, $300 steaks, and $250 gadgets that you use once a year. In a sense, though, it is, except without all the $$$$$$’s. At Humboldt Kitchen, we love a bargain, and believe that civilization and the art and pleasure of food got along just fine before stores started selling special little magical pans, ingredients, and gizmos for big bucks to foodies desperate for that edge that would help them elevate a dish to epic proportions. Crap, we said “epic.” I offer my apologies. HK … yes, I know, it’s an unfortunate coincidence …believes in giving you the tools and knowledge and skill so that you don’t need to get a second (or third, or fourth …) job to buy the MUST-HAVE TRENDIEST MOST AWESOME UTENSIL / STEAK / GADGET to get a result. Short version: we want you to get fantastic results with good quality hardware and ingredients without selling your soul to afford it. Your soul is important; without it, everything you cook will be crap. With a good soul, you can make anything taste amazing.
  5. Definitely not about authenticity. Authenticity is about history … what people did with what they had. Humboldt Kitchen is the future. Don’t get me wrong: we love authentic methods and ingredients and combinations, but not just for the sake of being authentic … they have to make things better. Fact of the matter is, if you aren’t cooking over an open fire or a hole in the ground (leave charcuterie out of this for now), it ain’t that authentic anyway. Matter of fact, unless you grew, foraged, or killed what it is you’re cooking, you can toss that authentic label right out the window. Let’s just settle for good or amazing or better, and leave authentic to the historians, OK?

We’re also not about lists, or blathering on, and on, and on, and … yeah, you get the idea. That being said, there’s a lot more that we’re not, and I’m going to lay that out in the next couple posts.

In the meantime … register on our site (link on the bottom right of the page), like us on Facebook (link on the upper right), or subscribe to the RSS feed (back to the bottom right), and come along for the journey with us. You won’t be disappointed.