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A glance and a nod, and what must come to be

21 March 2017

The only time I ever met Martin McGuinness, if you want to call a quick glance and nod “meeting” someone, was at a NORAID Prisoners’ Wives fundraiser in San Francisco, a few years before the Good Friday Agreement. They gave him the key to the city, he gave a predictably good speech to a predictably supportive crowd, and that was that. I remember feeling, then, that this was a special time in history, and this was a special human being, and his vision of what the future could hold might maybe, just maybe, actually come to be. It’s heartbreaking to think that he never witnessed a free and united Ireland before he passed, but when I look back at that glance and nod some twenty years ago, I know in my heart that I’m wrong. He did see it, and he did feel it, well before almost anyone even believed it was possible. It’s up to us, now. If we believe in ourselves as much as he believed we should, and work even harder, we can make the future he saw so many years ago a reality in our lifetime.

Requiescat in pace.