Good Friday

Someone had a rough night

How drunk do you have to be to lose your damn teeth?

One thing you should know about Good Friday in Ireland: it’s dry, as in the pubs are shut and you can’t buy alcohol at an off-licence. Well, that’s not strictly true, as there are some exemptions, but in general you’re out of luck unless you’re staying in a hotel or at the races. The night before is typically pretty raucous, and people lose track of the strangest things. Unsurprisingly, this was across the street from Copper Face Jacks.

The morning agenda was straightforward: wander around Dublin a bit before heading out to Dundrum Town Centre to pick up groceries. Dundrum has a fantastic Nyhan Brothers Butchers and a Tesco for the essentials. Given the potential for the Luas strike to begin early, and my planning to cook dinner on Saturday, we thought it best to pick up supplies ASAP.

We met up with S for dinner at Fire, the fancy restaurant next to the Lord Mayor of Dublin’s residence. Since it was Good Friday, there were no cocktails, but they did a decent job with some special mocktails, and had a couple alcohol free wines that were much less like grape juice than I anticipated. Fire is an absolutely stunning space, and the food is top notch.



An Chanáil Mhór

when you just gotta get it out

Truer words were never spray-painted.

Gracie Barra

Gracie Barra in Dub?


Fire pass




Potato croquette with goat cheese and beets


Fire interior

shteak and spuds

Shteak and Spuds

Fire dessert

Cheesecakey thing

Fire cheese

How I do dessert.


Easter Lily




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