Off to Dublin

settling inWe left New York for Dublin Wednesday night, March 23rd, and arrived the next morning around 9am local time. I love the overnight flights; even though you’re not even in the air for 6 hours, you arrive in daylight, which perks you up enough to make it through lunch. After an afternoon nap, you’re wide awake and rested, and it feels like the right time of day.

I really only had one complaint about the flight: my screen kept rebooting so I couldn’t watch a film or listen to music. It’s not a big deal, since I’m typically armed with an iPad, Kindle, and Audible. I did learn that the Aer Lingus seatback entertainment screens run Linux, though.



But back to the plan. After arriving in Dublin, we headed to the apartment, dug the keys out from under the bin, and let ourselves in.




One of the nicer features of the place, believe it or not, is the fireplace underneath the big flatscreen. OK, so it’s not an actual fire, it’s a high def video of fire reflected onto a glass screen. It even has crackling and popping sounds.Fire!

So, after unpacking, it was time to head out to lunch. Searson’s of Baggot Street, a pub mentioned in Patrick Kavanagh’s work (it seems he spent some time there drinking with Brendan Behan, and practically lived there in the 40’s and 50’s), was close, and casual was the mood of the day.


Searson’s uses a bread originating in Waterford called the “blaa” — a soft, floury yeast bread. Searson’s developed the “blaaguette” for one of their sandwiches (chicken pesto); it’s essentially a blaa with a crunchier exterior shaped more like a traditional baguette.

sandwich on blaa (Google it)

Chicken Pesto “Blaaguette”

bisque and prawns with marie rose sauce

King prawn sandwich with Marie Rose sauce and bisque









After lunch and an afternoon nap, it was a walk around Ballsbridge with a quick stop at Baggot Street Wines for a growler from their home brew, some wine for tomorrow, and some local craft beer for dinner.

chile stout


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